Learning the seductive dance of Salsa with a mix of classic and modern steps will have you and your partner closer than ever!

How to remember dance moves – my tip

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My personal trick: Visualise 3-4 moves before you do any dancing

You arrive at the dance hall or the party and get chatting and introduce yourself with some new acquaintances, then a great Salsa track comes on, and you want to dance and show off your moves, but you are nervous … will you remember the steps correctly?

Before you decide to go and start asking someone  to dance with you or pull your partner up onto the floor straight away, take a few moments to visualize 3-4 of your dance moves. Start with the basic step and then visualise how the transitions into other moves happen – in your head.

Try to visualise quickly but in much detail yourself performing the steps and moving throughout the transitions.

Then after that you should feel more confident to start dancing with your partner and not make any mistakes.

Visualisation is a powerful technique that can be used in many situations but here in this example it will focus your mind on the dance at hand.

I hope this quick tip has helped you has helped you. If it did, please share it with someone who can learn from it too.

History of Modern Salsa Music

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PBS have produced a video all about the history of Latin American Salsa, From New York  1960s and 70s, Salsa a mix of traditional Cuban rhythms  and Puerto Rico (Bomba y Plena ), with influences also from  and Jazz. Typically characterized by Spanish lyrics along with clave rhythm and trumpet or trombone overtone.  The word “Salsa” was used as general term for a variety of different rhythms and song styles including the Mambo.  Fania Records was the biggest record label in Salsa.

The documentary series about Latin American music and Salsa from PBS can be watched here. It Documents the birth of Boogaloo to the building and final demise of Fania records. It makes for an interesting watch and you can also listen to some of the Salsa tracks. click here to view online.

Salsa Moves – the best ways to learn Salsa dance steps

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One way to learn Salsa Moves and this is how I started and also how I met my husband..is to take up a local dance class. Getting first hand instruction in any dance is probably the best way to learn at first and help ensure you get the moves down to a tee. The advantages of taking lessons in Salsa are many , first you get an instructor to show you the moves personally and you get to ask questions and get continued coaching as you progress. Also you will get to meet lots of nice new friends and maybe find romance too. Some dance classes have a monthly fee or a fixed fee for a full twelve month course and some you just pay a membership of class fee each week. You should try to attend every week regularly or even twice a week for some classes so that you don’t forget the moves and also you have more chance of perfecting the salsa moves so that they become second nature. Some classes have time after instructor finishes for you to stay and practice your salsa with your partner or friends.

The second way is to get some Salsa Dance DVD’s or enroll in an Online Dance Course. The advantage of this is that when you have a Salsa DVD you can progress at you own pace however slow or fast that may be. You can simply pause the DVD after at any time and go back over the move again until you understand it fully. Even if you are having lessons at a local dance class i still recommend getting some DVD’s to practice learning your Salsa moves at home in you spare time too. Another great thing with when you have your own online course or DVD’s is you can practice whenever you like at any time of the day or night, so if you have a busy work schedule or a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t leave you much time to attend a dance class then this is a perfect way for you to learn at home or anywhere.

OK so what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some dance lessons on dvd or enroll in a class and start doing the Salsa! :)

How to Remember Salsa Moves

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I wanted to mane a quick post just to help you remember your salsa dance moves. Remember its not just having complicated multiple salsa moves together  that will make you a great dancer its about putting smaller simple salsa moves together in different combinations that will keep your style looking fresh and have you and your partner looking like an accomplished salsa dancer.

Continue to spend time working on getting the basics right. These act as the foundation for your dancing. When these look and feel good everything else you do will look good too. Another useful tip I can give you to remember is think and remember how to START the move. Unless you have the correct hand hold configuration ( a 2 hand hold, or a right to left hand hold etc. ) to begin with you wont be able to perform the move.

Most dancers when learning salsa will get home and find they have completely forgotten a lot of the moves they performing before just a short time ago, don’t worry we do too and we actually teach the salsa moves!

A good solution and one we recommend is getting a good salsa moves course set of  DVD  lessons, that way you can watch as many times as you like and pause and go back again if you don’t quite catch something the first time.

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 After you watch each lesson and perform the steps a few times you will find it much easier, but remember you can watch the moves over and over although the moves may be fixed in your mind you still need to practice them regularly to get your body used to the moves until they become natural and you move swiftly from one move to another.

As I said its good to put just a few simple salsa moves together in different combo’s but you should still want to learn the more complex moves also. So go ahead and don’t be afraid to learn new moves and you will advance quickly with practice. But even when you advance always go back and practice the basic moves also.

Even advanced dancers continually practice the basic steps as they aim to improve their timing, body movement and styling.

How Salsa Will Change Your Life For The Better

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Since I started learning Salsa about 3 years ago my quality of life has really improved dramatically and all thanks to Salsa dancing so below is just a few of the things I found and you can expect the same benefits  in your life when you learn to Salsa:

  • Increased Confidence: You’ll boost your confidence hugely as you learn a new skill, tone your body and lose weight,  and become more limber as well as meeting new people and making great new friendships all at the same time. You will Improve the way you feel and look at yourself  a lot.
  • Enhanced Health: You’ll strengthen and tone your muscles, increase circulation, have more flexibility, lose excess weight and see a marked improvement on your health overall.
  • Greater Co-ordination: You’ll gain greater control over your body and better co-ordination and learn to move with grace, poise and skill in a surprisingly short period of time.
  • Better Relationships: You’ll strengthen and deepen the bond between you and your partner or maybe meet new romantic partners if you are single as well as gain new friendships and close bonds with great new people who enjoy quality of life in a safe environment.

These are just some of the noticeable benefits for me, there are lots more of course as you will discover for yourself. When you consider all the advantages to this awesome activity it’s no wonder Salsa has become one of the most popular dances is the world.

Basic Salsa Moves

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There are several basic salsa moves. The most common is the three weight transfer steps in every four beat timing. In a lot of Salsa dance styles as the dancer changes weight while stepping the upper body remains stable as if unaffected by the weight change but the hips will move alot making the seductive salsa move known as the Cuban Hip Movement. Or as with the Casino Cuban Salsa style the upper body movement is more noticeable with shoulder shrugs etc and deliberate movement of the upper body.

The lead dancer will lead the other dancer by the arms to turns and arm crossovers for example. In what is called the open position the dancers will hold one or both hands and this open position is used when doing turns. The closed position is when the lead dancer puts his hand on the back of his partner while the following partner puts her left arm on the leaders shoulder. The common forward and backward salsa move can be be done in a straight line , diagonaly or sideways and still keep the same three step weight change.

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Salsa Dance Moves Origins

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Salsa originated from Cuba and now is extremely popular all over the world. Although originating in Cuba, Salsa moves today are blend of Latin-American and Western moves also. The rhythm of Salsa is usualy accompanied by complex African percussion. Salsa in mainly known as a partner dance and can be very sexy although there are also solo dancing routines between partners. There are varying styles of Salsa the Latin American styles origination form Cuba , Caribbean, Venuzuela, Columbia and the rest of the Latin states is slightly different to that of North American Salsa dance but the most well known ( the Cuban Salsa ) is called ‘Casino’ . Culturally Casino style dancing is based on Latin context with large emphesis on sexual interplay and daily experience.